Video Tutorial Lesson 1

Hi everyone. As you all may know it by now. Pokemon Go has officially been released to play on our Mobile Phones. Available in both Play Store and App Store, Pokémon GO is the biggest mobile game in U.S. history and within three days of its release, Pokémon GO attracted more users than Twitter

In this video, I’m going to explain what exactly is Pokemon Go, how do you play it and how it earns money. Trust me on this, it makes a lot of money that even businesses around the world are utilizing it for their own gains.

If you’re not too familiar, Pokemon has been around for a very long time in all sorts of illiterations. It was first released in Japan in 1996 and was then released to other parts of the world later on.

Basically, the overall concept of the game is that there are these adorable creatures called Pokemon that inhabit the world. Somehow, there is this definitely not suspicious professor that orders you to catch as many pokemons as you possibly can so that he can study them.

To catch a pokemon, you would have to use these special capsules called pokeballs, that you can just toss at these poor creatures to capture them. Once you’ve successfully capture them, they are yours to keep. You can train them, evolve them into stronger forms, teach them new skills or abilities and even battle head on with other players and their pokemons.

The main difference between other versions of Pokemon and Pokemon GO is the concept of augmented reality. Unlike other versions, where you could just capture pokemons with the use of your Gameboy or what not. You’d actually have to move in the real world in order for your character to move in the game.

Throughout your experience, you’d encounter wild pokemons of different rarities and variations. Some of which are more common and easier to find than the others. Not to mention that you would also come across something called a Pokestop that is actually a landmark you can see in the real world. Pretty cool. There you can spin the stop and obtain items that can help you throughout your journey.

Soon enough you will also encounter something called a Gym. A gym is basically a place where you can battle other players, train your pokemons and even take over the gym for your team.

So how exactly does a game like this earn money. It’s up to you really, but there is an in-game currency called poke coins that you can purchase with real money. And with these poke coins, you can visit the in-game shop, where you can buy more pokeballs, items that you could benefit from such as Incense or lures which would enable you to capture pokemon easily. You can even purchase backpacks, incubators and etc.

Pokecoins cost about 0.99 cents for a 100. But like any other games. You’d get more pokecoins the more you purchase. For example for a dollar you would get a 100 coins. But if you were to purchase say, the 14,500 coins package. You would get a 145 coins for every dollar.

Now who exactly would buy something so expensive right? Well take a look at this. Nintendo’s stock value over the week or so has doubled in value. An analyst claims that just the ios version of the game is making approximately 1.6M dollars a day. Well yeah..someone is definitely buy the coins alright.

Now, how do other businesses make money from this? If your business is near a pokestop, you can actually use a lure. Lasting for 30 mins, a lure is used on a specific pokestop and it attracts pokemon to it which would in turn attract Pokemon Go-ers. Players would pretty much camp at the stop because of this. Now if your business is anything like a place where people can eat or drink then you would definitely benefit due to the fact that people may get thirsty or hungry during the duration of the lure.

Most businesses put up signs and make use of social media, using lures all day and special offers to attract people. According to a lot of business owners, a huge majority of players actually do drop by to buy atleast something.

Now what makes this such a revolution? In just under 30 minutes you’d see crowds outside cafes, restaurants and you’d know..yeap. They’re pokemon go-ers and someone shop owner definitely droped a lure on the pokestop.

If you go around you’d actually adults in their 20’s or 30’s playing pokemon go. You know what’s shockingly cool? I’ve even seen older people. Like aunties and uncles playing pokemon..with their kids!

Now I’m sure, there are some haters out there, that swore to never play this game. Even so, it is without a doubt, evidence of our technologically advanced and highly connected society of our world today.

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